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(040) Calotte Grinding Device KSG110

Measurement of coating thickness and wear resistance

Key features:

  • Normal force FN, 0 ... 300 mN (steel ball Ø = 20 mm) and 0 ... 2000 mN (WC-ball Ø = 30 mm)
  • Adjustable angle 0…90°
  • Number of turns up to 106 for each ball grinding
  • Number of grindings 1-10 (automatically in a series)
  • Results: Coating thickness in :m,Depth of ball grinding in :m

Advantages and benefits:

  • Allows as the only device of its kind fully automatic measurement of up to 10 measuring points
  • Variety of grips for different sample shapes available
  • suitable for flat and convex surfaces
  • Measurement in dry and aqueous environments
  • Very good price performance ratio