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(135) Fully Automatic IRHD/Shore Hardness Tester Type 3105

Hardness tests to IRHD and Shore standards DIN 53505, DIN 53519 Sheets 1 and 2, ISO 868, ISO 48, ASTM D2240, ASTM D1415, NFT 51 123, NFT 46 003, BS 903 Part A 26 for elastomers and plastics

Key Features:

  • measurement ranges: IRHD-M (micro), IRHD-ss (supersoft), IRHD-N (normal), IRHD-H, IRHD-L (soft), Shore A/B/0, Shore D/C/D0, Shore 00/000, micro Shore
  • different operating modes: standard, interval, hysteresis
  • basic unit with integrated electronics unit (2000-value memory) and 2-line display, heightadjustable support table, column with retaining arm for measuring device
  • processing of measured values via PC with testXpert

Advantages and benefits:

  • universal application for many different Shore and IRHD test methods
  • easy equipment change
  • software-controlled for automatic test sequence
  • connection option to testXpert