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(149) Aflow Extrusion Plastometer

Determination of melt-mass flow-rate (MFR), and melt-volume flow-rate (MVR) to ISO 1133, ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364

Key features:

  • extrusion plastometer for test loads from 0.325 g to 50 kg
  • piston for fluorine-free plastics
  • extrusion barrel for fluorine-free test materials
  • automatic extrudate-cutter
  • die plug
  • pre-compacting and cleaning device

Advantages and benefits:

  • optimized, operator-independent test sequence
  • automatic parameter control (APC) during test
  • stepless test-load adjustment up to 50 kg
  • rapid extrusion of residual materials after test
  • uniform pre-compacting and labor-saving cleaning at the push of a button
  • time-saving multi-stage tests
  • intelligent testXpert II connection via USB